Expansile and well-demarcated radiolucency involving teeth 44 & 46

A 53 y/o female presented with an expansile and well-demarcated radiolucency involving teeth 44 & 46 of 18 months’ duration. The radiograph indicates a partially corticated and otherwise well-defined unilocular radiolucency with a second, more radiolucent destruction in the superior area between teeth 45 & 46. The latter area corresponded to buccal and lingual bone perforation. Teeth 44 & 46 were vital. Clinically, the lesion is described to be around 3.5-4 cm in size. Can you make diagnosis?

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Aspirate & look for contents, what about bony expansion clinically Lateral periodontal cyst, unicystic Ameloblastoma
What about the palpation and the diameter and the length of the swelling
Lat. Periodontal cyst Ameloblastoma
Lateral periodontal cyst
Lateral periodontal cyst
lateral Periodontal cyst
Aneurysmal Bone cyst