Constipation in 4 month old male ...suggest treatment

See its common for a child on breast milk to b constipated at times . No need to worry. Ask the mother to take a fiber rich diet . R/o uti n hypothyroidism if it persists . Give lactulose n neopeptine drops . Ask the mouth to do buring properly.
Breast fed or formula fed Duration of constipation Stop calcium supplements Thyroid profile,barium enema if constipation is since birth Dulcolax pediatric suppository for evacuation Syp duphalac 5ml twice daily for 15days
No treatment required. Evacuation Exercise. Evaluation for Hypothyroidism.
If baby passes stool in 8-10 days, it's normal... Advise exclusive breastfeeding Burping properly
Glycerine suppository.. Adequate breast feeding followed by burping.. Supplements.
Thank you doctor

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