Huge swelling in Ramus

A case to discuss: A 16-year-old male who was referred oral surgeon for a left mandibular swelling. Panoramic radiograph reveals a very large and well-demarcated unilocular radiolucency associated with the crown of impacted tooth #17. This radiolucency extends posteriorly close to the coronoid process and anteriorly past tooth #18. Bony perforation is noted in the ramus area. The expansion was intra-oral, mild, and more buccal. This swelling was first noted by the general dentist, not the patient; extra-orally, the face looked symmetrical. This is not my case but can we please discuss this interesting case?



Dentigerous cyst
Dentigerous cyst, enucleation or marsupialization extraction of involved tooth to be done
Ameloblastoma or OKC Mandibulectomy and reconstruction is the treatment of choice
Dentigerous cyst rx marsupilization followed by enucleation.
Unilocular Ameloblastoma...
D/d Dentigerous Cyst
Dentigerous cyst ...
Dentigerous cyst!
Dentigerous cyst