Abdomen pressing on table

age 3 yrs stools are once in 24 hrs diet good Why the child is oftenly pressing her abdomen like in given video



ब्रायोनिया ऐल्यूमिना लाइकोपोडियम कैल्के-कार्ब
Or she does it before going stools One of those potty training technique Or may be she is sad about something and coping with it by pressing the stomach or could be worm infestation
Children having worm infestation experience intestinal irritation or distension of abdomen tends to press abdomen or lies on abdomen . Cina may be useful to the case
May be she is only playing ..nothing else ..every child has their own way of playing n comfortability ..
It may be due to intestinal worms infection. If indicate cina may be helpful
Does baby feel good after pressing the stomach?
Not specific as she switches to her other activity

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May be abd.colic due to worms
Could be stomach pain
No..she dosent have pain..but she do it very often

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