A confusing case, all credits to lab reports

So the friend of mine who is planning for pregnancy was suspected as subclinical hypothyroidism as per one lab report. She decided to get anti TPO tested from same lab and TFT done from another lab, both of which came out to be normal. Kindly comment on this case Please see attached case below

If she was on eltroxin report is going to be normal. So without eltroxin if this is the report then it's Euthyroid. In this case no need to start the medicine.
If she is not Eltroxin, then no need to take Eltroxin. Please find other cause of irritability of your friends wife.
Both the reports are totally normal She can plan her pregnancy Explain her fertile period
Both the reports are normal Need not to put on treatment
Thanx dr Vipin Bihari Jain
This is normal case ,no need of eltroxin on this report
Is this follow up of previous post
Yes mam. Mam, Please check below, its attached

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Probably cause of said suptoms is not thyroid however consult endocrinologist Decision regarding stoppage of thyoxin depend on both gynoco and endocrnlogst consultation Check for other comorbidities
Treatment consists of thyroid hormone replacement.
No need to take eltroxin Follow up after 3 months
Wait and watch. Repeat the test after 1 month
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