Painful swelling in the lower left buccal region

A 51-year old female with painful swelling in the lower left buccal region. The patient tried coconut oil pulling and various natural remedies that were not helpful. The lesion was diffuse, corrugated to verrucous, and rough in consistency. There were areas of focal ulceration associated with a mild burning sensation and pain. Can you comment on the diagnosis? and management?

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Traumatic ulceration due to chemical insult .D/D-verrocous carcinoma start with mucopain gel, lycomax capsule, becasule, chx mouth rinse. Re-evaluate after 4 weeks Adv opg and histopath examination if lesion persists. Duration of lesion, lymph node status, Tender on percussion wrt 36,37 ,Pt medical history, h/o any adverse habbit will be ascertain to be conclusive
Is top+ in any of teeth? Post radiographs, give heavy antibiotics such linezolid for 5 days with ace+pcm+serra and metro 400. Check how it respond to it after 5 days. Otherwise get biopsy done and plan future treatment
Verrocous Ca
Irritational/Frictional reactive proliferative growth. Advised Bx to R/O malignancy.
History of tobacco use??