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Sudden Brain Infarction Due to Prolonged alivated BP

60 Years Old Patient Losing his command & Muscle tone Gradually day by day. Both d Left Extremities affected. No facial Involvement. Depressed Repeatative talk 15 days back H/o 100 KM walk due to lockdown,Severe Fatigue (Exausted),Weakness on d day. Fear of Current Pandemic situation & Unsecurity toward Occupation in Mumbai. May be on that day Severe Fatigue or Dehydration that may lead to Hypotension & Hypoglycemia could be cause for decreased perfusion to brain & so on. I Look forward for Your Input & valuable Suggestions. thanks


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Swelling & haemorrhage in braine
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Walnuts blue berries,nuts cherries other berries sunshine ginger, sprouts kalijeeri pomegranates alkaline diet needs counselling calmness symphony music, Duvaa karo.....kudrat mujhe khushkhushaal, tandurast aur abaad rakho
Thank you doctor

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Rx Tab shalcal HAD x 15 days 1 Od with milk Syp Bethadoxin 12 2 TSF pc BD Tab Evion 200mg 1OD x 15 days
Thank you doctor

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Ya totality indicates the ars alb... Along with u may prescribe kP3x in this case
Shirodhara with himsagar tailam Tab. Ashvganda
Ars. Alb. 30 is indicated in this case
Ashwagandha Churna 1 Tsp.Bd with Cow milk Ashwagandharishta 20 ml. After meals With Same quantity of water Shirodhara with Brahmi Oil Yogasanas Pranayamas Meditation under Guidance Of Yogacharya Music Therapy Counseling.
Acute infarction with let side hemiparesis, need urgent evaluation of his blood pressure and investigation , physiotherapy
There is typhoid, anaemia, lymphocytopenia. Please verify other details of the case seems like going towards Ars. alb.
Swelling & haemorrhage in braine