Good morning dear friends and colleagues, Today let's have a look at WOLFRAM ' S SYNDROME. It is also known as DIDMOAD SYNDROME. patients present with diabetes mellitus followed by optic atrophy in the first decade, Cranial diabetes insipidus and sensorineural deafness in the second decade, dilated renal outflow tracts in the third decade, and multiple neurological abnormalities early in the fourth decade. Other associated abnormality is primary gonadal atrophy. Premature death occur in these patients with respiratory failure due to brain stem atrophy. There is no cure. Diabetes mellitus is controlled by insulin only. With regards, Dr Sepuri Tirumala Devi.


You can refer such patients to me, I will cure them. I cured thousands of patients of diabetes, hypertension, hyper & hypothyroidism, mitral valve stenosis, pulmonary interstitial fibrosis, some congenital anamalies & surgical conditions. Does any body know the root cause of disease? No Doctors the media. Disease is created & cured by self, Doctor only removes obstacles. Is any wound is healed by medicine? A scientist derives a molecule & invents drug,we use it & takes credit. It's of the scitientist, we forget him. We are copy cats & fight together, who is great?
Dear Dr giridhar sir, is this answer really posted by u or ur account is hacked by some one?? This is not expected from a person of influencer level. diabetes Or other diseases mentioned in this answer are not curable. anyone giving guarantee of curing such diseases is liar in my opinion. also Wolfram syndrome is congenital and cannot be cure. so no point in referrring this pt to anyone.

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