The Fertility Society wants an age limit on patients who can avail IVF/Assisted reproductive technology. Do you agree or disagree with this?

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Yes It Is True That After A Perricular Age There Is A Posiibility Of Some Genetic Mutational Diaeases Can Appeard In New Born But For This You Cant Negotiate Right To Be A Parent's.. This Society Didnot Let The Married Couples Live Strongly Without A Child.. And Also It Creates The Line Of Control Of Sge Limit For Conception... We Cant Reject The Moral Values But At The Same Time We Have To Be Also Aware Of That Fact That We Are Also Having Our Scientific Values Also... IVF ICSI IUI Are The Golden Sources Who Want To Be A Parents...
There should be an age limit of 60 years, I think. Because the care of the baby & its upbringing are equally important. Science has made PLASTIC and we are suffering now due to its misuse. Science has made Nuclear Bombs and Japan had already suffered. So, Science & Research MUST HAVE some boundary. Otherwise, Its misuse only destroys the mother nature, & then it becomes an UTTER NONSENSE!!!
Yes a linient approach on age bar shd be there,if the couple has no morbidity than maybe with doctors judicious decision 60yrs as upper limit for age may be considered.
No age bar but some guidelines should be there other wise there is some misuse happing
Yes.Dr.Rakesh kumar ji.
Instead of age limit, need to for guidelines to choose patients and limit its misuse
Nature law must not be disturbed. Purely my personal opinion.
@Dr. Ashok Leel completely agree nature laws mustn't be disturbed but what abt medical sciences? The advancements and research if we all think like that then unfortunately medical sciences will never ever have research to life saving drugs and to get babies ... IVF is also a technique which was researched and enable ppl to become parents so let's stop all the research because we r playing with nature? I strongly disagree to this decision of the society they are nobody to make or break the research which have taken years to finish and to enable parenthood in people who could never dream of one...

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Age limit must be there for IVF. We hear 70 year old couple with twins or 75 year old couple with kid through IVF. Just suppose if parents are not capable of earning or have sufficient savings then who will take care of their kids after say 10 or 15 years when they would be in their nineties? Atleast age limit of 60 should be fixed inorder to secure the future of child. This is what I feel.
I think all are eligible couples only because of due circumstances they become childless, anyhow cuttoff age should be at the bear maximum so that couples can have child
Guideline is important to avoid complications, age limit is not a good idea
Yes a less stringent rule should be there related to age.
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