Behroza - (Qinna, Baarzad, Darakht Sanobar) Botanical Name- _Pinus roxburgii_ Pinus longifolia is an unani plant for the treatment of digestive disorder, intestinal worms, fever, localized swelling, gynecological disorders and skin diseases. Latin name- Pinus longifolia Roxb., Syn. Pinus roxburghii Family- Pinaceae, Sarala Kula Morphology of Pinus longifolia / Pinus roxburghii: Pinus longifolia is tall tree attaining a height of 40-60 meters and diameter about 2-3 meters. The bark of the tree is 3-6 cm thick with brownish red color sap wood is white to creamy white. Heartwood is red in color & turn reddish brown on exposure. Annual rings & dark streaks denoting longitudinal resin canals are very conspicuous. The fresh wood has a resinous odor. Bark is rough. Leaves are needle like, pointed 15-30 inches long, bent towards ground and are bright green in color. The flowers are yellow or rarely purple in color, 1-5 cm long. The male cones are about 13cm long & female cones 10-20 cm long, ovoid in shape. The seeds are 2 to 3cm long which is winged wings membranous. Corrects blgham and sawda Hot and dry in potency Part used- Stem powder, Oil, Bark, resin, Pharmacology: Wood is aromatic antiseptic, stimulant diaphoretic. It stimulates liver, used in digestive disorder, gall stones, helminthiasis especially tape worms, peptic ulcer, typhoid fever & intestinal obstruction, chronic bronchitis, gangrene of lungs etc Uses Calorific,Anti infamatory,laxative,carminative(Riyah ko kharij)Expectorent Blghm ko rakhhekh kerti Anti septic **Expulsion of placenta and foetus Idrar haiz (humool ka istemal) ikhraj janeen,metritis, Nafeh khas : wermo ko tehleel aur haiz jaari krta Musleh :roughan e banafsha Mashoor murakabat:merham safaid The oil extracted from the tree of behroza is used for cleaning the wound and applied over the area affected with localized inflammation. So acts like ...betadene**** Powder of the stem of Pinus longofolia in a dose of 2-3 g is used to treat fever and intestinal worms. The powder of the bark is applied as paste to treat skin diseases like ringworm, eczema etc. The powder of the bark or the cold infusion prepared using the bark of the plant is used to treat cough and asthma. Oil extracted from the plant is administered 1-2 drops in the ear canal to treat pain and inflammation of the area. Cold infusion prepared from the bark of the Pinus longofolia is given in a dose of 25-30 ml to treat diarrhea and leucorrhea. In condition of indigestion, 2-3 g of behroza bark powder is given with 2-3g of pepper powder as part of treatment. In condition of sciatica, the oil of behroza is applied with Sesame oil

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