Bell rings & it’s time to change the nappy..

❄️ Shared, If someone finds it helpful… DIAPER DERMATITIS Bell rings & it’s time to change the nappy.. In the year 2004 my child aged 7months suffered from severe form of Diaper Dermatitis and could not sleep for long 48hours. Cried all day & night, nearly stopped urinating and defecation due to intense pain. I was in touch with four pediatrician friends but felt very helpless. Ulcers responded to treatment on 3rd to 4th day.. Diaper Dermatitis could be easily avoided and wished it never happen again. Within 2-3 days I made a small handy experimental gadget; which later turned very successful in avoiding nappy rash in four other babies. Call it “NAPPY DAMPNESS SENSOR or PROBE”. It’s highly sensitive even to one-fourth drop of water or even moist finger. Even today, it’s functional & as sensitive as new; and zero maintenance. How it works? How it’s made? How to clean? Sensor head (approximately 1.5” X 1” X 0.5”) is made of cold cure acrylic (mostly used in dentistry), properly grooved for copper wire and droplet entrapment. As soon as a water droplet falls between two properly, parallelly & closely aligned copper wires (+ve & -ve), a battery operated small calling bell (powered by two 1.5V AA batteries) starts ringing. The sensor head is comfortably placed on skin below the diaper when both baby & parents are sleeping. And the calling bell placed below the pillow of parents. DC jack connector helps like a switch. I mostly used alcohol & hydrogen peroxide for cleaning the sensor head. Not going into further details, pictures are self explanatory.. [ The first & last picture do not belong to me ] Thank you for your patience, Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana.



My dear young and energetic Dr. Sahana, Your talents, skills and compassion bring hope to lead this achievement. I am truly grateful for your enduring commitment to finding new equipment for non responding skin diseases. It is amazing to see your equipment and way of new thinking and your strong efforts. I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to this innovation and as a dentist, you are improving dermatology updates day by day more than us and searching for new techniques in this speciality field .Thank you for your unwavering dedication. As per our friend Dr. Pankaj suggestions and with his guidance, forward your proceedings as fast as possible and get patent rights..we are the first wellwishers and wishing you all the best Dr. Sahana.

I'll remain grateful to you for your kindness, your teachings & guidance. Pranam Sir.

Dear Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana. Congratulation for simple but genius moisture detector. Hope first you get the copy right of your invention. And the commercial moisture detector  if available, will help both baby as well as diaper use by elderly people in our country. Similar thing is there on in USA.  Opro9 Smart Wearable Humidity Sensor Instant Alert Prevent Baby Diaper as well as adult. Price shown is 39 dollar. I am hoping that it will be commercially available in India soon. It will help many babies as well as elderly persons using diaper. regards

Need to talk to a engineer friend who got 3 biomedical devices patented. Regards Sir.

Yes.. definitely helpful... the New concept..DIAPER DERMATITIS... THANKS FOR SHARING Dr@Partha Sarathi Sahana

Thank you Sir.


Tnx Dr Gyanendranath Tripathy

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Nice post alternative wet dry gadget available it shoak urine or liquid part

Thank you doctor


Welcome dr Partha Sarathi Sahana

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@ diaper dermatitis

Thank you Ma'am


Thank you doctor

Very helpful sir, Thank you for sharing this with us.

Thank you doctor

Pictures shows Contact Dermatitis due to Diaper... So it's Diapers Dermatitis

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