Bell's Palsy

After cold exposure Chief Complaints Pt not able to control his facial expressions


Causticum is the medicine , please go for it

Aconite nap.1m/3doses weekly Causticum 30/tds K.P.6x/tds

Aconite200. 3doses... Dear dr. When pt was exposed by cold...that time aconite was the remedy and it is still needed...

Causticum 200 daily

Causticum 1 M can cure the problem.

Acupuncture on trigeminal nerve remove Bell's Palsy with in few sittings.

Aconite 200

Thanks Sir. Remedy was BELLADONNA 30 Prescription & video shared but due to technical error it is not posted

Aconite Agaricus Causticum

Aconite 1M Causticum 200. M.p+k.p 6x

Cauticum 1M weekly Agaricus 30 ,TDS

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