Bell's Palsy

Bells palsy on rt side, Bells phenomenon present. Chief Complaints A 54 yr old male attended emergency Complaining of slurring of speech, epiphora n facial deviation to left side since morning. No associated fever, dysphagia, diplopia, hearing loss, blisters in ear, trauma etc. No H/O HTN, T2DM, Thyroid disorder. He is chronic Alcoholic, Tobacco chewer, Marijuana abuser n smoker. O/E pt is C/A/C.Raised BP of 170/90. Normal Neurological examination except LMN Type facial palsy on Rt side. Rest IX n Examination are normal. Conservative Management has been started.



This is LMN type facial palsy. Kindly r/o the cause Adv NCCT head

Steroids to reduce inflammation. Antiviral medicine, such as acyclovir. Analgesics or moist heat to relieve pain. Physical therapy to stimulate the facial nerve.

Corticosteroid . Antiviral drug. Physio exercise.

Tab Medrol 16 mg bd Cap pregabaline 75 mg bd Physiotherapy Goggles to wear

Treatment, 1.Tab.wysolone -5mg , BD for 7 days. 2.Tab.Acyclovir-200 mg TDS for 7 days. 3.Cap .Cobadex -CZS ,BD for 2week. Advice Facial therapy , Wearing Eye patches , Drinking warm water .

Kindly update ur conservative treatment Thanks

Bell's palsy Physiotherapy management is.. 1 Electrical stimulation 2 Facial expression exercise 3 Mild facial massage 4 Avoid cold 5 Wear goggles

T.medrol 8mg tds for first 5days, bd for next 5days ,od for last 5days T.maxgali at 75mg for 1 week

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