Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% Frequency of application & usage? When to use 5%?



For acne benzyl peroxide od increase to2to3 times if peeling& dryness reduce application if more burning use clearsner then reuse for mild to moderate acne 5 percent benzyl peroxide for moderate to severe acne same as descibed

It can be used once or twice daily mainly for oily skin acnes In extensive and chronic case 5%is suggested Precaution is adv to wash off half an hour after application Not to go out in sun after application

Thanx dr Kute Ankush

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@generally on nodulocystic acne start with 2.5 %, if not responding increase 5%, also on trunkal acne & comedonal acne it works well

5% difficult to tollerate better to use 2.5% bd after cleaning face for acne...

It is used by a few physician to treat acne.

But its a good choice for nodulocystic acne along with oral isotretinoin.

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Tnx Dr Shivraj Agarwal sir

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Dr. Ajeet, Benzoyl peroxide is an exfoliating agent and used in mild to moderate ACNE. Main action is removed the sebum and debris and clearing the lesions on the face. It kills the acne causing bacteria. Here use of different strengths of Benzoyl peroxide is depend on skill and experience of the dermatologist. In my experience, first start 5% Benzoyl peroxide daily once for short duration and depend on the severity of the condition. If irritates the skin, stop the cream and starts 2.5% strength 2 times daily for short contact period. If no irritation continue the same strength 5% for 2 hrs daily until clear the lesions. Then switch over to the 2.5% to maintain few days.

It is recommended that you use benzoyl peroxide once or twice each day. When you first start using it, you will be recommended to use a 4% or 5% strength preparation. This will help keep any skin irritation to a minimum. If you find it does irritate then try the 2.5% strength once the irritation has settled