Best cough syrup (brand) for cough with sputum


Dera dr there can be any brand it hardly matters only you have to choose an expectorants or suppressants based on indications and not on brands Eg 1 dexomthorphane +mucolytics for suppressants in dry cough or mild cough 2 bronchodilators like terbutaline +mucolytics expectorants for asthmatics copd etc 3 plain expectorants amonium chlorides +mucolytics +antiallergics for chr bronchitis and allergic bronchitis 4 sugar base free for diabetics

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Grillinctus BM

I agree with Dr Shivraj Agarwal

sy. crux 2 tsf

Agree with Dr Agarwal

Dabur Honeytuss

Thank you doctor

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