® Brain development of child depend on Mother Food During gestational period .... Excess FATTY AND SUGER Lead to Peripheral Neuropathy Children Having Ancious , Anger and Nightmare BUT , Omega 3 Is Must needed for Gray matter development ( Adipose tissue ) Mother should take adequate Amount of Essential Fatty acid ...! Omega 3 in Nuts And Fish ( Tuna fish ) Vit B3 - Given in Mental condition @FATTY & Sugary FOOD May change our Mood @FaTTy Food Increase Inflammation in Adipose tissue Lead to Increase Level of Fat in Body So goes to BBB and cause Glial cell to Damage Leads to Demensia , Confusion And lack of memory.. @EXPERMENT Mice with COCAINE And Mice With SUGER *SUGER is more Addective than COCAINE @EXPERIMENT EEG Cake eatan by women and Pictures again during EEG Brain Activity toward picture Increase .. @EXPERIMENT *FLY" Fly provide with Carbs , Protein and Fats. Fly always Choose Protein bcoz Normal Flora of gut decide;-) what to eat?....

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