Bilateral swelling since 6 months unresponsive to steroids

A 38 y/o female presented with bilateral swelling since 6 months unresponsive to antiallergic or steroid treatment. H/o uncomplicated pars plana lensectomy for ectopia lentis had been performed 26 years earlier in both eyes, and an intraocular lens exchange for post-traumatic IOL subluxation in the right eye 23 years before. Best-corrected visual acuity was 20/20 in both eyes (OD: −0.75 −2.75 × 17, OS −0.50 −3.50 × 124). Intraocular pressure was 17 mm Hg in the RE and 14 mm Hg in the LE. In your opinion now what should be done?


6/6 vn with no current complaints . Regular f/ups at few months interval is advised . No rx is to be done right now.

If pt has ccf withpoor oxygenation , such conditioncan occur with no response to rx. On Proper oxygenation following rx ,edema will disappear.

6by 6 vision both eye with Bilateral parsplana lensectomyand& iol implanted eye are quite so simply measure IOP and use lubricant drops

Check fundus examination,if necessary visual field . Regular follow up for every 1 year. Symptomatic placebo treatment is given .

Patient is doing well post op Vision is 6/6 As long as eye is quite and vision is good and swelling is not very obvious, then reassuring patient with 6 monthly regular follow up is more than enough.

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