Biliary Atresia

This is a case of Biliary Atresia, a condition that babies are born with, a congenital deficiency of the bile ducts passing from liver outwards into the intestine. We performed a KASAI operation, meaning creation of a pathway for the bile ducts to drain into the intestine for digestion. It is technically called 'Hepatoportoenterostomy'. Biliary atresia is a fatal condition if untreated. In cases of failure of this procedure, Liver Transplantation is the definite management. The radiographs shown in pics is the IOC (Intra-operative cholangiogram). To delineate the biliary tree for surgical planning and anastomosis. @therealfarmanali Stay well, Stay smart. #docfortmeducation #medicalmentors #medicaleducationservice #medicalstudents #medicaleducation

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