black spots noted in rt eye since last 3 month...what is spot diagnosis and management

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Ocular melanosis

I agree with Dr. L. M. Patel

Blue sclera means thinking of sclera ..... although it can be normal during child hood but look for type 4 collagen diseases like osteogenesis imperfacta, Ehlar dalnos syndrome etc

Melanosis oculi

Occular melanosis.

Melanosis oculi

Ocular nevus

Naevus of Ota

Sir ..Nevus of Ota haves 2 components,here only one component is there.

Melanosis Oculi

Ocular Melanosis(Melanosis Oculi) Patchy slate gray or bluish discoloration of sclera is suggestive. Counselling and explanation should be done. No treatment needed. Cosmetic contact lens can be used.

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