Bledding from single nose treatment given inj.mblock (ethamsylate) inj.dc bls.styplon

Bledding from single nose Treatment given Inj.MBLock (Ethamsylate) Inj.DC Bls.Styplon 2---2 Bledding not controlled Diagnose and Treatment plz!!!



This type of condition is mainly due to injury/trauma.Polyps or cysts are also to considered. Management with ice pack,local infiltration with anticoagulant, inj texableed twice daily with caldee12 inj and I/v normal saline may give some relief in case of trauma.In other case Anthiomaline will be the choice

Sir go with tranexamic acid 20 ml i/v n 5 ml adrenaline s/c n 5 ml adrenaline locally into a nostril having bleeding after administration put a cotton gauge into that nostril n

can GO FOR BOTROPHASE 2ML .. iv. and flush the nostril with 5-10% Adrenaline (ADRENALINE+NS) for 2-3 days. I got good results in two cases.

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epistaxis condition ' 1st go with inj sigmachrome im & ice packs or cold water application on head and body give cool environment for maintenance give inj dns slow iv

Anthelmintic drugs should be use. It may be due to nasal flukes.

To control bleeding you can use 1-botropase I/V 2-Vit-K 3-Ice pack on affected area 4-Cotton plug soaked with adrenaline on bleeding nostril 5- calcium i/v or i/m 6- keep animal's head upward.

It may be nasal granuloma caused by Schistosoma nasale, so try Anthiomaline 20 ml, 15 ml, 15 ml on 1st, 2nd and 3rd day deep i/ m with Revici 10 ml i/v daily, Zeet 10 ml i/m daily for 3 days.

Add cold fomantation on nose dorsal side, for 3days bid,

tumour. ..polyp.....aspergilloma.....schistosomiasis. ....

Dr give tranexamic acid 20 ml i/v bd for three days n apply ice cold water or ice to fore head

as our Drs said it may be of tumour or schistosomiasis try antimony

Give Inj. Anthomalin and inj. tranexamic,avil, wash with pp lotion this treatment repeat 5 day

And inj. intamox 3.5gm , inj.melonex ,

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