Introduction:- Sometimes blisters appear on the skin filled with pus or transparent (clean) water in them. It can be more than one. It can be needle pointed to till 2 inches.   Causes:- Whenever the skin is rubbed with any rough object, blisters appear on that place. It mostly appears due to rubbing the ankles together in the case of tight shoes or by rubbing the hands with the handle of any tools (instruments). It is also fallen due to burning with steam or fire. This disease can be also caused by wondering in the sun, radiation, chemicals, cosmetics, toxins and by the sting of insects, etc. Sometimes blisters are fallen due to reaction of medicines too. Blisters are also fallen in chicken pox, small pox, herpes, eczema and autoimmune disease, etc. Symptoms:- In this disease, first of all, transparent (clean) or pussy pimples appear on the skin and then convert into blisters around which, violent pain occur and that part are swollen. Itching sensation occurs on the skin with redness. Several blisters are also appearing during chicken pox with fever too. Protection from this disease by special precautions and usage:- Always put on gloves in both the hands before working with heavy tools. Apply petroleum jelly on the feet before putting on shoes, so that blister did not fall by rubbing of shoes. Always acrylic or synthetic gloves should be put on, so that friction is  not able to appear. In the case of skin burn, applying petroleum jelly prevents blisters to appear and the skin remains clean and soft. Do not apply pressure on the burnt area, because due to it, pus or water comes out from blisters causing painful feeling. Apply antiseptic lotion like dettol on blisters and tie a bandage on them and keep blisters open at night.      If blisters have appeared due to any chemicals, first of all, blisters should be washed with clean water properly. Butter or any other things like this should not be applied on blisters. Patient should never walk with naked feet. Always pant and shirt with long arms should be put on during gardening or farming, so that plants and trees can’t harm. In the case of blisters, consult a doctor immediately. If blisters appear due to chemicals and feels burning sensation even after washing with clean water or secretion begins from blisters or pus comes out, use drug immediately to remove these symptoms.



Cantharis, Rhus tox

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