Bloody diarrhoea

Chief Complaint A 70 y/o female presents with the complaint of bloody discharge and loss of appetite. History She has h/o surgery and chemotherapy for rectal colon cancer. Examination Physical examinations shows warm swelling over the right thigh along with pitting edema over the right lower leg and foot. She also had tenderness over the right lower abdomen. Investigations Lab report shows WBC 42,000 cells/μl), and CRP: 34.19 mg/dl). Treatment What do you advise?



Do CECT Abdopelvis for any mass lesion. Colonoscopy to see for any intraluminal lesion. Doppler pelvic veins and leg vein to rule out venpus thrombosis( secondary to pressure effect of mass). Start LMWH if venpus thrombosis present. Glycerine MgSO4 dressing of right leg . Review with CT Scan and colonoscopy for further management.

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