boy of 14 having hyperkeratotic,hyperpigmented lesions over dorsum of foot n hand,knee,elbow r 3 itching.plz diagnose d case n give tt.Is it curable?



This looks like Dermatitis in Pellagra. Most unlikely to be Acanthosis Nigricans. Niacin supplements B Complex supplements. SPF lotions. Nutritious food Ask for the history of Diarrhea Dementia. This is known as 4 D's Disease. Photosensitive Dermatitis Diarrhea Dementia If not treated the 4 th D Death.

no systemic involvement sir

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It looks like acanthosis nigricans..topical tretinoin or salicylic acid can be given..

Acanthosis nigricans, could be b12 deficiency, a possibility.

This is due to Vit B12 Deficiency wherein black pigmentation of jts take place

Pellagra , niacin supplementation , sun protection

acanthosis nigricans.. wat abt face ? oral cavity??

not involved

Pellagra! Vitamins A, B complex & niacin supplements to be started. Check cortisol levels also. Case taking followed by constitutional Medicine in single CM potency & review after 1 week

acanthosis nigricans

Pellagra Tab niacin Vitamins b3 Tab Folic acid tab Vitamins A tab Vitamins E Cream Retinol A application with elovera .more than 3 months except Vitamins A.

Pallor present, does this patient have knuckle hyperpigmentation. Appears to be vitamin B 12,deficiency

to rule out zinc deficiency also becos chronic acrodermatitis enteropathica may present like this

Addison's or addisonian pigmentation.check for serum cortisol and any nutritional deficiency

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