Brain And Vertebra Burning Sensation

In this disease, burning sensation occurs in the brain membrane and the brain ganhar. Mostly, this disease occurs in the children. The brain remains covered with three layers. One of them is called the outer membrane of the brain. First of all, burning sensation occurs in the brain and vertebra then in the brain membrane. This disease does not cure by itself. Cause: This disease can occur due to any disease in the middle part of the ear or getting injury on the head by any way or wandering in the sun excessively, mental insanity or irritation, etc. Symptoms: The patient starts suffering from severe fever in the condition of burning sensation of the brain; violent pain occurs in the head; he also start weeping and crying with pain in the brain; the nerves of the head and the throat throbs with constipation complaints and nauseate, sleeplessness. In the beginning of this disease, the eyeballs start to contract but in the condition of aggravating the disease, wider eyeballs, unbearable of light, occasional teeth grinding, vertigo, breathing difficulty, sour smell in urine, etc. symptoms occur. Low fever, violent pain in the hands and legs, becoming the back stiff, becoming many body part thin, the symptoms of paralysis, etc. can also occur. Treatment of this disease by following drugs: 1. Acon- For the treatment of symptoms like- having severe fever with the burning sensation of the brain and the vertebra, feeling thirst, afraid about death, etc., Acon 2x should be used. 2. Apis- If symptoms like- punching the head in the pillow or starts shouting suddenly, etc. are found in the patient, Apis 3x or 30 should be used for the treatment of such symptoms. - 3. Arnica-If burning sensation occurs in the brain due any type of injury with fever, Arnica 3 to 6 should be used for its treatment. 4. Belladonna- If the patient suffering from this disease has fever with weeping and crying, the head feels hot, the eyes has become red, Belladonna 6 or 30 can be used for the treatment of such symptoms. 5. Brayonia, Sulphur or Helleborus- If violent pain occurs in the brain with little weeping and crying at night, sleeplessness, etc., Bryonia 3 or Sulphur 30 or Helleborus 6 can be used.



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Thank you doctor


Thank you doctor

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