brain stroke

This 58 old female patient A case of CVA stroke C/O headache and giddiness since 3 days ago H/O severe headache and giddiness general weakness numbness of upper and lower limbs Not know HTN. DM. COPD. EPILEPSY NO. Abdominal distention No. Orgenomegaly No. Fever. Cough. Cold No any types of injury and wounds on the patient body ... E/O.... Patient Counsicsess Dullness PR:110 TM BP:150/100 mmhg Temperature:Nil Spo2 :98% GCS:E3.V4.M5 Pupils are reactive Movement are normal



Establish electrolyte disbalance, +Antibiotic +neuropiotic supplements (IV) Ad hospitalization Arjun +abana+vathapy cap b.d. when patient is illegible to take food Ashwagandharist ++sarswatarist b.d. Punarnava mandoor b.d. Physiotherapy

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Get history of anaemia, constipation, neurotic problem.after proper diagnosis will be managed

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A patient of CVA, needs to be given antihypertensive drugs with blood thinners like Lahsun, and physiotherapy ask for CT scan , lipid profile and ECG

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