Budesonide Inhalation

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I find this combination more effective and useful in day to day practice Not only in chr asthmatics but acute episodes are also controlled very well Long acting and no side effects are seen except oral candiasis but in rare cases i have seen Oral gargales are necessary after inhalation 200ug formetrol with 160mg budenoside twice daily are most effective but in some cases of asthmatics but a/w copd 9r lung fibrosis may require 400mg formetrol with 320mg of budenosides are required in acute excerbations and drop to maintenance doses with the support of diuretics like torsemide Yes immunocompromised pts are at high risk of fungal infections hence contradictory or at all to be use mininimal doses cautiouslyas pt s are on ritnovir metabolised in liver affecting the enzyme p450 Pts on oral steroids suffering from HPA suppression to shift on inhalers is a/wrisk Hence needs to tapper gradually with simultaneously putting on inhalers Salt retention with budenoside is not seen as with oral steroids specifically predenisolone This is edjucative post and every one should read it

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