Buffalo, 6th parity, 9 month pregnacy. Since yesterday , Frequently seat & up, cherry color blood tinged urination, straining, listlessness, temp. 100.4 please diagnose-stilll birth accompanied dystocia or babesiosis!!



May be urinary tract infection or torsion

First Check for torsion

How can torsion rectify!!

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Cheque the colostrum and sacrosciatic ligament by seeing both u can come to conclusion if ligament flacid colostrum present means it may be a torsion go vaginally u can feel u r hand turn to right or left if post cervical torsion precervical can be diagnosed by rectally u can see crossing of broad ligament

Differential diagnosis with leptospirosis also needed. By R/E andP/V examinations clear u from dystopia and stillbirth. Secondly presence of ticks suggest u about babesiosis Thirdly SC lepto responds well to Amoxicillin with sulbactum very nicely

As per history it may be torsion.

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