Buffalo, all body parameters normal normal feed ing 9 month pregnant, these type of skin lessions appear within 7 days started from thigh and udder now all over the body what could be tentative diagnosis and line of treatment?



It seems to be allergic dermatitis probably associated with ectoparasitic infestation. Topically use flumethrine pour on. Parenterally give antibiotic of penicillin group along with antihistamine for 5 days

I suggest wait for calving or presently only cpm or avil in mild dose & topically Ridd or butox wash

Thank you sir

Butox is Toxic should be avoided Local application ofTopisol Lotion 3%Daily Zinc Calcium vet copper add in Balance Ration

In the field without laboratory diagnosis, differential diagnosis includes allergic reactions or parasitic infestation in the pregnant buffaloes we can use ivermectin which is safe in pregnancy up to 10 times dose and antihistaminics antibacterial agents and corticosteroid should be avoided in pregnancy till there is an emergency situation If history of eating plants responsible for photosensitization just avoid going in sunlight

this case is of allergic reactions so give antihistamine ivermectin along with autoblood therapy give good results I treated with above therapy many cases successfully.

Parasitic infestation with allergic condition. try to Ivermectin pour on+ p.iodine washing+ steroid with antihistamin+ Zinc

Taktik/butox wash twice in a week, inj.ivermectin,cpm,vitad3e will be helpful....topically neem oil

May be a case of vitamin A deficiency leading to pityriasis along with antihystaminics vitaminA may be given parenterally

Looking like allergic reaction...use antihistaminic

Thank u so much to all Doctor for their valuable guidance and suggestions.....

Look for bacterial infection also

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