Burning Micturition

38 years/F Chief Complaints Severe burning pain in urethra while micturition since 1 week with Chill & fever Urine - hot dark reddish Very restless while passing urine Frequency- 8-12 times day, night- 2-3 times Examination Exhausted +++ Pale +++ Debilated & Restless +++ Urine report- Albumin ++ Occult blood ++ Pus cell 50 – 60 / field Blood report WBC – 16000 ESR - 80 N – 63 % E – 4% L - 32% B - 1% HB 11.6 Vitals Temp. 101 F. Thirst + + + Pulse throbbing 90/Min Face & throat congested Red Tongue dry coated dirty Palms cold to touch Appetite, thirst- decreased Stool- constipated Urine- burning Desire- no Aversion- sweets Thermals- chilly Menses- normal Reserved nature likes company helpful irritable Suggest Medicine Doctors




Dear Dr. Sujata Chauhan ma'am, Advice for the case. Tab. Chandrakala ras 1 tds. Liq. Neeri 10 ml with 1/2 glass of water tds.

Thanks @Dr. Ramde B. Gojiya Sir.

?uti Chandraprabhavati Gokshuradi guggulu Varunadi qwath Tab niree

Pomegranate, drumstick soup flaxseed oil for pain, sprouts kalijeeri whey water,paneer or cheese, cranberry juice lime juice pineapple with black pepper citrus fruits lemongrass decoction carrots beetroot coriander juice sunshine.nuts walnuts blue berries ginger sleep on ground,left turn, decoction of ginger, lemongrass haldi crushed pepper,no processed or fermented foods

First do urin culture and sensitivity And usg abdomen Than start whith inj oframax fort 1.5 gram bd And inj amikacin 500 mg od Other treatment is symptomatic sos

Aarogyavardhini tab 1tds Septilin tab 2tds K4 tab 2tds Chandraprbhavati vith shilajit 2tds Also given.zifi cv 200 tab 1bd 5day Levoflox 500 tab 1od 5day

Symptoms suggest of UTI? Dhanyaka hima Chanadanasava /Ushirasava Punarnava guggulu Chandraprabha vati

Phalapushpasavam 20 ml bd af With chandrapraba vati 2 Kanmada bhasma cap 1

Please do some investigation likr E gfr Sirum creatinine Usg abdo

Chandraprabha vati Purnarna guggul Arogyavardhni vati Chandanasav

Add Renalka and Neeri Syp along with your homeopathic management

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