Burning sensation on micturation

34/y/o with complain of burning sensation while passing urine and on-off mild dull aching pain in pelvic region from past 2 years. She has taken multiple antibiotic medicine course in past 1 year with not much relief. Also she takes diuretics but they do not help her as urinating more makes it more troublesome for her. On examination No inflammation or swelling seen locally Her recent urine R&M shows- pale yellow urine, no turbidity, Ph- 5 Pus cells 5-6 No RBC seen Specific gravity -1.001 All other investigations normal Suggest what should be done in such case ?




It can be UTI, but duration is longer so advise patient to done usg kub.. Chandraprabha vati bds, after meal-350mg Gokshuradi guggulu bds, after meal-250mg Varunadi kashay - 30ml bds-before meal

Thirunapanchamula kashayam 15 ml bd bf along with kanmada bhasma cap 1 Gokshuradi guggulu 2 bd AF Chandrapraba vati 2 bd AF Pancha thiktaka ghrutha guggulu 2 bd af Phalapuspasavam 20 ml bd af

Chndrprabha vati 2Bd Chandan Asav +DrakshaAsav 20ml Bd Increase intake of water & maintain proper hygein Yoni prakshalan(Trifala kwath)& pichu dharan with Til tail may be helpful

Adv Urine culture, USG abdomen and pelvic organs, Rx Syp protrate mb 2 TSF tid with water Tab ciplactin 500 mg 1 BD X 5 days, Plenty of oral fluids, Avoid non veg, fatty,food

Advise to drink adequate quantity of water Must avoid Pitta Vardhak Ahar Vihar Advise to avoid Vega Dharana of Mutra Neeri Syp Chandraprabha Vati Gokshuradi Guggulu

USG ABDOMEN NEEDED. Diet modification and Liq.Renalka 10ml three times with lukeworm water. Tab Chandrabrabhavati 2-0-2. 2-0-2.Cap.Goksuradi guggul 2-0-2.

Mutrakriccha...prescribe, chandraprava vati, bangerwar ras, varunadi kwath, chandanadi kwath, goksura,, Syp. Urricali (Lamar pharma). 2 tsf tds.

Plz suggest of patient for usg Chanderberbha vati gokhuradi guggul Syo any alkelizer Avoid tha patient spicy food

Homeopathic treatment Cantharis + APIs mel Q 15drop tds Sebal serulata 30 tds

Chandraparbhavat vith shilajit Gokshuradi guggulu K4 tab Nimbupani

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