C/0 swelling Anal region since 2days P/h of similar episode 1yr back What is ∆ and rx


Prolapsed haemorrhoids

thrombosed haemorroid.analgesic,sitz bath twice daily n tissue enzyme complete relief.if not response transanal sucture rectopexy after complete reduction of mass by message inside.

PROLAPSED 3RD DEGREE HAEMORRHOIDS. ..Treatment is Haemorrhoidectomy

Thrombosed haemorrhoids rx haemorriodiopexy-Trnsanal sucture rectopexy Chivate's procedure will give better results.

in such cases of haemorroid.pexy is better than dectomy

Surgery required

Its 4th degree haemorrhoid Treatment- closed haemorrhoidectomy

Prolapsed and thrombosed piles.RX haemorrhoidectomy.with anal dilatation. And avoid constipation

prolapsed piles give sits bath two times a day proctsedyl ointment tab. ciplox to 1bid for 3days cap avinarsh 1tds for 7day avoid space food

Sir what is cap avinarsh

This picture is suggestive of prolapsed external hemorrhoids. Sx- Hemorrhoidectomy.

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