c/o cellulitis fasciotomy done ......not subsiding ...wat is the next step in management .....



Find out the cause of cellulitis - An X- Ray to rule out osteomyelitis - A colour Doppler study of lower limb vessels to rule out DVT - Rule out DM , any steroid intake, HIV , hepatitis B or C or any other immunodeficiency disorders. - lymphatic obstruction or lymphangitis If no cause is found , generally these are deep seated infections .So use parenteral antibiotics- Inj .Piperacillin 4 gm+ Tazobactum500 mg × 6 hourly for 7day followed by oral cefuroxime 500mg B.D for 7days along with chymoral forte. Elevation of limb

Inj metrogyl I.v bd and culture ( blood , pus and tissue ) high doses of board spectrum antibiotics will definitely helpful.

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Cellulitis . X-ray to rule out osteomyltis Colour doppler for lower limbs vesseles to rule out DVT. Give i.v.Pipperacillin 4 gms plus Tazobactum 500mg 6 hrly..

Send pus swab for culture and sensitivity. Get x-ray leg done to rule out any bone pathology.Rule out diabetes mellitus.Treat if there is any anaemia, any systemic disease. Get Doppler ultrasound scan study done to rule out any vascular pathology in the lower limbs. Antibiotics as per C&S. Compression bandage to the lower limbs. Elevation of the limb.

Too long fasciotomy incisions a kind of non dependent part. ANOTHER ONE Inch incision above the Ankle on lateral aspect to drain adequately. Development of skin. Wrinkles shows beneficial effects of fasciotomy. Exclude DM. Avoid injury to veins during fasciotomy correct serum. Electrolytes and aneamia

There is Cellulitis and peeling off the dorsal foot skin. Few incisions on foot and lower part of leg needed. Continue antibiotic according to c&s report. Give serratiopeptidase and analgesic. Keep the leg elevated during rest

Dear Dr.Narsyan It should be resurfaced with skin grating. Before grafting do saline dressing allegations for two days to ensure that area is ready for grafting Good luck

Dr.Narayan * Sorry it was typing error

It may be osteomyelitis beneath it, so look for any sequestrum lying there in x-ray,if it is there then do sequestrum Tony.Also look for diabetes.You can also do Doppler study of the limb and manage accordingly

Its a case of cellulitis incision follwed by antibiotic therapy will be required.

Your fasciotomy is not complete.fasciotomy should be liberal.you do the fasciotomy for all compartments.no need to be under while doing fasciotomy.limb elevation.

Elevate the limb.give antibiotic.even after fasciotomy it The line no need to be should be under is wrongly posted.sorry for that.

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Continue dressing SSG when clean

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