C/o- cough with sputum shortness of breath during exertion wheezing heard.

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interstitial shadows present. likely go be secondary infection or interstitial lung DS. depends on how long history is.

Likely differential diagnosis includes Pulmonary edema Vs CAP. Check CBP, pro - BNP, Sputum culture and 2D echo.

If you stil have any doubts whether it's pneumonia, then also check CRP & serial pro calcitonin levels

rt upper zone haziness which indicate rule out PTB along with chronic bronchitis

how many age of this pt

to do sputum c/s koh mount fungal c/s then give proper treatment....... w/f spo2

Calcified nodes seen bilateral do broncoscopic biopsy HP small lung cancer

hx is not prpoer,it looks to b by asthamatic bronchitis

? bronchiectasis. Also to r/o br. asthma by pft

do sputum 2decho and nebulization

essentially both lungs are clear.

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