c/o fever and cough with severe breathlessness on exertion.... diagnosis as per x-ray view



There is Cardiomegaly with Bi ventricular enlargement, both hilar congestion, Right more than left and homogenous opacity right mid and lower zones and left mid zone. Possibly Congestive Failure with Pulmonary Oedema / Congestion. Rheumatic Heart Disease is possibility. Needs ECG, Echocardiogram, CBC, Blood Gas analysis, and of course a detailed history with clinical findings.

Huge cardiomegaly with pulm edema DD bronchopneumonia I agree with Dr K Dutta sir , it should be evaluated on lines of RHD, Treat accordingly and investigation could include CBC, ESR,aso,crp, ECGs,echo, sputum and blood cultures,may be treatedwith abs, decongestants, diuretics and others as per cause A pt for Dr shivraj: sir the x-ray is of a male pt most likely, rest Dr sharma can clear it

Thanks DrDutta sir

Rt. pneumonitis Huge cardiomegaly Adv- ECG, 2D ECHO, ABG

Sir ur opinion is most up to mark ( as per my eye)

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Huge cardiomagaly - may b due to b ventricular enlargement Congestion lower zone with rt side pneumonia

CCF with pneumonitis rt mid zone. CECT thorax, 2D- Echocardiography, sputum for AFB and CS, NT- pro BNP, BS, RFT etc

Hyperinflated lung fields, cardiovascular markings prominent, cardiomegaly, hazyness rt midzone.

Cardiomegaly and b/l mid zone pneumonitis and copd

Pericardial effusion.

Cardiomegaly Rt mid zone homogeneous opacity seen PTB

There is well defined lesion rt lower zone suggestive of pultb shoul be investigated for the same.pt seems to be lady.

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