c/o fever weight loss cough pain abdomen and paillor ++ usg abdomen mild ascitis dyspnea ++please give diagnosis

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Left sided effusion As medial border is not clear So possibly pneumonitis with syn pneumonic Fever at loss cough pallor are due to chest patho Pain and is due to peripheral part of dia sending pain impulses to and via spinal segments Mild as cites may be due to pallor Both fluids can be tapped and synchronized Fluid at two places make possible DG as tubercular

F.effsio LT Needs p.fluid cytological and c& s other invest to r/o pt , pneumonitis and liver path

Left cardiac border not made out clearly with obliteration of left CP angle suggests pleural effusion. Patchy pneumonitis also noted in left lower zone.Findings suggests synpneumonic effusion. Case for further investigations to exclude TB Malignancy.Fluid analysis CTScan will guide the diagnosis

B/l pleural effusion with ascites and fever. Is it polyserositis a/ w some febrile illness? Wt is the duration of symptoms, age, sex of the pt.? Get CBC, rft, lft done along with urine r/e. Pleural tap for knowing the nature ? Exudative or transudative. Is there any pedal edema, crepts, increased j.v.p? The various differentials in this case would be tropical fevers causing polyserositis, chronic renal disease, connective tissue disorders, malignancy, congestive heart failure, tubercular pleural effusion but ascites isn't explained by it. Close differentials are ckd, chf, malignancy and pancreatitis. B/l tubercular pleural effusion isn't that common. Get fluid fr malignant cytology and bnp levels also. If she is a young female, a rare possibility of ovarian hyperstimulation to be kept. Treat as per reports

Lt. Sided pleural effusion. Tapping of fluid. Cytology biochemistry. Treat accordingly

CXR s/o left sided pleural effusion Fluid reports from pleural fluid and ascitic fluid will help to diagnose

Patient age sir?Its left pleural effusion ,with ascites ;Tap the fluid and send it for biochemical analysis,ADA,&for CBNATT. Tuberculosis is the most probable diagnosis

Right CP angle is also looking obliterated.May be slight pleural right side also.

Pleural effusion left.

Bilateral plural effusion. Lt. Massive effusion. It maybe due to Tuberculosis

Lt sided massive effusion,do pleural tapping,send pleural fluid for AFB, CBNAAT and ADA,if it comes tubercular then start ATT

I agree with Dr C G

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