c/o itching over body same Sine on face and back side occur. after treatment finally cure but after 10 to 15 days recurrent. this complain 6 to 7 months. kindly advise diagnosis and treatment



Pl.explain the pt to change the tight clothes of synthetic material, loose clothes of Cotton ,changing morning and evening with Mycoderm dusting powder and anti fungal point at night and tab

Tinea corporis

Tab Terbinafine 250mg od7 days, Tab zocon 150mg weekly 1to3 months, panders plus cream locally

This year fungal infection is resistant to many Antifungal drug so we have to give drugs for long period and also spreading in whole family so treat all family members together with proper hygiene care

I think it's tineasis..and the recurrence is due to failure in anti fungal therapy..give proper antifungal.

Oint livafin(amralfin)+clobetasal Tab.atarex Tab.wysolon10 mg Cap.terbiforce kit to 7 day od Its a bast results in this case

apply plain terbinafine locally bd for 21 days. do not use steroid

its not scabies

tinea cruris

its tinea cruris....fungal infection...gandhak tailam l.a by ayurveda..

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