please suggest Treatment

C/o no fever last days Tam.98.6 BP. Sys 110 /DIA 70 Liver slow pain Stoll pass out daily black potty Age.36 yr /m




Typhoid with early stage of Dengue Hospitalise the patient Monitor vitals Adv: LFT, KFT, USG ABDOMEN, URINE RE/ ME IV fluids Inj MONOCEF SB IV BD Inj DOXYCYCLINE 100mg with 100ml NS BD Inj PANTOPRAZOLE 40mg IV OD Inj MVI OD Tab CARIPILL tds Inj ONDEM 8mg sos Tab PARACETAMOL 650mg SOS Tab DROTIN 40mg SOS Platelet transfusion if it decreases further or manifest bleeding problem Review with report or sos

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