c/o of history of white patches since 2 years has showed various doctors , not releaved I have done biopsy , results awaiting Hi v , hbsag , rbs r normal values discuss


Hello Dr Sandeep Looks like a precancerous lesion Leukoplakia if patient has history of tobacco chewing We have to rule out for other conditions as well to arrive at final diagnosis

Dr Sandeep. Its toabacco associated lesion. P/D: homogenous leukoplakia D/D: Chronic hyper plastic candidiasis. 1) Counsel the patient first. 2) depending on the smoking history. put him on chewable NICOTEX GUM CHEW. 3). Antoxidants for mininum 3 months 4). Topical Candid 1'/. cream if burning sensation present, otherwise also it can be given. 5) last but the least recall follow up for 6 months.

sir can u plz name some antioxidants ??

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Homogenous leukoplakia Biopsy MultoVitamins Antioxidants

I agree with Dr.Wasim it's leukoplakia.. quit tobacco habit.. Rx antioxidants. kenacort gel as local application Thank you..

visited various doctors but hasn't obeyed single...... looks like he is still chewing pan

Homogeneous Leukoplakia... but it's not cause of any chewing habit, mostly cause of smoking tobacco. Treatment 1. Biopsy- which you have done 2. Topical application of Vitamin A from Vit A capsules, apply BD from one capsule every second day for a week for two weeks Nd then stop- to avoid Vit A toxicity. 3. Antioxidants- Himalaya Oxitard or Antoxid or SM Fibro, 1 cap/tab daily. You should soon see the lesion shrinking.

Undoubtedly Leucoplakia

Clear case of leukoplakia. Stains are indicative of habit. Motivate to discontinue habit give antioxidants like mactotal od which is a very gud combination. Dont ever prescribe kenacort without knowing the lesion.

the clinical diagnosis will be leukoplakia..... and the histopathological diagnosis will be dysplasia (the grade will be defined by the histopathology report)...... cessation of of the habit will help to stop further progression, if the overall immune status is good...... otherwise complete remission without surgical intervention is next to impossible...... plus, the red spot on the lesion is the danger area.....

Case is leukoplakia.he should stop chewing tobacco/pan if he takes often 2. it can be oral thrush/oral candidiasis 3.due to vit A or B deficency

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