C/o of unilateral lower leg edema since 2 days.. taken zerodol sp for 2 days.. not relieved..treatm



Unilateral leg oedema needs to workout further for 1 DVT ADV COLOUR DOPPLER 2 FILARIASIS workout for the same Zerodol is a pain killer only and antiinflamatory not a specific drug

Thanx dr A Dutta

True unilateral lower limb oedema of two days duration ? Deep vein thrombosis - do venous Doppler of lower limb False unilateral oedema - in this case oedema is present on both legs but more prominent on one leg - look for systemic causes such as heart failure, renal or liver failure

2 days history. Cellulitis. Diabetes DVT. Trauma

Cellulitis, Injury, Hyperuricemia, filariasis

Thank you Dr Shivraj Agarwal

Patient should be diagnosed for acute onset of unilateral leg swelling to exclude traumatic history, cellulitis, acute lymphagitis with lymphedema and Deep venous thrombosis. Treatment should be followed according to the cause.

chandraprabha vati n massage wid saindhavaadi tail will give good results