c/o skin lesion due to using shoes since 1month swelling and slight redness (Rt foot) k/c/o Dm-2 on Rx tab zymogesic D tab sporidex t bact ointment given bt not d cure what is the possible treatment please tell nd diagnosis also



I fully agree with all of you regarding diagnosis of diabetic ulcer and management. In my impression this patient has associated leprosy with ? O.M. of little toe. Incident of DM in leprosy patients was 14.2% compare to 2% in normal population in one study as early as 1979. Leprosy wound is frequently confused with diabetic wound. We frequently under diagnose leprosy in diabetes patients. The damage caused by leprosy can be easily minimize by timely MDT for leprosy. REF: Diabetes and Leprosy: Deepak Kumar and Dibyajyoti Banerjee* Department of Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India ACTA SCIENTIFIC MEDICAL SCIENCES Volume 3 Issue 2 February 2019

Diabetic ulcer foot, control diabetes advise not to wear tight shoes

Ulcerated callus with diabetic foot D/d stasis ulcer in diabetic foot T/t : prompt DM control Regular dressing Fucibact application Antibiotics Analgesic Adv: pus c/s

Ulcerated callus Common in diabetics Avoid pressure on the the are by changing foot wear Wound care It has to heal by secondary intention Wait for few weeks before planning soft tissue cover

Strict control of diabetes Corn & callocities with ulcer

Tnx Dr Mahipal Singh

Strict control Diabetes


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Ulcerated Cellus due to uncontolled diabetes...snd its not uncommon..

Diabetic foot please say to Avoid tight shoes, Control DIABETES to prescribe INSULIN ANTIBIOTIC, DRESSINGS

Ulcer-Diabetic. Control Diabetes & Symptomatic Rx.

Control DM Clean area with betadine Add directly insuline drop on that area Use broad spectrum antibiotics and with analgesic and multivitamin antioxidants Maintain hygiene, locally antibacterial ointment

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