C/o: SOB, Dx?

Chief Complaint A 25 y/o female presents with the complaint of acute shortness of breath. History She is a known case of SLE. Investigations Chest x-ray was performed.



Cardiomegaly- seen on X - ray chest in this case of SLE seems to have cardiac involvement of SLE . Acute shortness of breath in this case looks like sudden pericardial effusion in a pre- existing pericarditis which is common in SLE .Associated pulmonary oedema is the cause of SOB Patient needs further evaluation by 1.B.- Mode and 2D - Echocardiography 2.Anti - phospholipid antibodies 3.HRCT chest to rule out associated COVID-19 disease 4.Nasopharyngeal swab for rt - RT - PCR for COVID-19 disease . Patient urgently needs drainage of pericardial effusion

mass in the anterior mediastinum adjacent to the left cardiac border, Adv CECT thorax to rule out associated pericardial effusion and location of lesion.

Cardiomegaly with massive lung tissue damages in Lt side of the lungs suggestive of bronchopneumonia DD covid19

Acute pulmonary edema Rule out Mitral regurgitation and other valvular heart disease as well as pneumonia


Tnx Dr Sandeep Ghodekar sir

X ray chest shows massive cardiomegaly ? Valvular heart disease ? Cardiomyopathy Adv 2 D Echo

Pneumonitis may be due to many causes. But immediate to initiate for HRCT to rule out Covid 19.

cardiomegaly with anterior mediastinal mass. ct chest and 2d echo needs to be done.

Ebstein anomaly

Pericardial effusion, cardiac tamponade Suggest ECHO ,CT

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