Hypertension 3rd stage

hypertension blood pressure 240/140 mmhg no sign & symp since 15 years age-58 weight 70 occupation-sitting business prakriti-pitta kaphaj no family history of blood pressure drug history allopathy treatment -more than 10 years ayurvedic-since 1 year Baidyanath Dashmularist Dhootapapeshwar Kaishor Guggul Kerala Ayurveda Draksharishtam Dhootapapeshwar Arogyavardhini Bati normal motion once in morning diet -no salt only sendhav daily morning walk and yog following pathya and apathya



Hypertension  1)Medoharea drugs like triphala guggulu ,lasuna .navaka guggulu ,triphala ch , shunti etc. 2) drugs lowering the heart rate and force of contraction: -pravala pishti, akeeka pishti mukta pishti etc.are use ful in lowering peripheral resistance also. 3)diuritics like punarnava , gokshura etc 4).drugs having central action: sarpagandha ,tagar jaharmohar pishti, akeeka pishti etc. 5) drugs act as hypnotics, sedatives releives anxiety are:- aswagaandha ,sarpagandha, jatamanshi ,etc. Panchakarma treatments in chronic cases is useful eg: abhyangam swedam virechanam , vasthi with sodhana drugs,Takra dhara .sneha dhara , and rakta mokshana . REGULAR MONITORING oF THE PATIENT IS MORE IMPORTANT.
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Dear Akash Sachan ji,it is very important to trace the causes,othevise it will be like "Andheray mayn tir marna" To day u r student,tommorrow u will be full flashed doctor.so at present pl.avoid this Prescription and try to search the reasons,as Hypertension is not an independent desease,but the effectiveness result of other desease. At present for quick relief Provide Sarpgendha ghan vati+ Prabhakar vati+jawahermohra pishti comb.with suitable Anupan. After diet Brumhi vati at night only.Keep bow free.good luck.
i agree sir thanku so much
Takra dhara can be added in your treat ment plan doctor. You can prescribe kamagduga rasa with mukta, mukta shukti pishti.You can stop dashamoolarista coz prakriti is pitta kapha and dashamoola aslo ushna guna . Please evalvate any causes of cardiac / CVA / physiological.
Dear Dr. Akash Sachan, Advice for the case. Abhyang with til tail. Advice for dhyanam at least 24 minutes. Takra 2 tsp mixed with a glass of water 5 to 6 times in a day.
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Go with detailed investigations... Mentioned BP is in Malignant Stage, you should take it seriously....@Akash Sachan
Yes ayurveda can.syp cardorium plus 2tsf bd.Tab cardinal 1bd.Tab Abanna.1bd.Tab prabhakar vati 1bd
Tab.Cardostab 2-0-2 Use rocksalt in stead of normal salt.
yes sir pt.use sendhav lavan since 3 years

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Please provide complete history of patient
Please Give Complete History Of The Case.Agni,Balabal,Satva,Satmya,Koshtha,Prakriti,Any Stress, Anxiety,Mala,Mutra,Nadi, Sleep etc.?
Please give more information about pt... BMI Weight Prakrti Agni Mala etc
madhyam agni sir
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