Growth under Eye

A 63 year old male presented with growth under his right eye. The lesion slowly has increased in size during the past year. The patient’s medical history includes hypertension, COPD, and anxiety disorder. His lipid levels are normal. appetite, thirst- normal urine, stool- normal desire- sour things aversion- no thermals- chilly Patient is very restless in talking with frequent motions of hands and feet Desires- company,alcohol Fear- height Retired from government job Suggest treatment Doctors



Skin cancer also can cause styes and chalazia, though this is rare. Also, a stye left untreated can sometimes turn into a chalazion
Arg nitricum n Kali carb are 2 ..mostly indicated remedy for this
Dx: Skin cyst ?? Chalazion ?? Sebaceous cyst ?
Chalazion ? Skin cyst? Stye? Specialist advice is helpful
Arg Met 1M Single Dose S.L. - BD for 15 days
Give constitutional medicine
Nat-s, Thuja, Rhus-t
Rhustox 30
Thuja 1m
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