diagnosis and treatment plz this lesion is from 2 years patients age is 23 non diabetic some time pain

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sir agr unko shugr h to. unko gaiya k gomutra se clin kro or fir kali mitii lgana within a 5. 7 day's m recavrd honga
immerse foot in water bath.....check for guinea worm..don't know which part of world. ..the patient is from. ..
treat with heavy blood puri fire & do dressing with castor oil only for further tt. call me thanks
clear would with scraping and then Debridase ointment with medifil granules local application dressing. orally give him nimb Ghan Vati 2 bd and ecosprin 75 mg od. and give liquid cardorium plus 2 tsp bd
in ayurveda it is madhumeh janya dusth Vrana. diabetic cronic nonhealing would
poor micro vasularation and immobile site take delay and recorrency of would
madura mycosis treat with extensive debridement and antifungal antibiotics
Apply olive oil.....insha allah...it will be cured
ok sir fir bhi ap vahi krne ko kho patient ko
non healing madura foot if sulfur granules
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