Stroke/Left sided paralysis

>> 80 years old female patient got stroke before 4 days. >> Left side got fully paralyzed and right side has complete strength and movement. >> Can't speak and can sometimes open eyes. >> Can hear voice and also can recognise person by voice. >> Can drink water, juice or liquid slowly. >> Complete bed ridden. ANY HOPE IN HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT. PLEASE ADVICE HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE.

Rx Causticum.
CAUSTICUM... May prescribe... Another GINKCO BILOBA Q....-Ginko biloba is another remedy for the prevention of stroke. This medicine improve the brain blood circulation and corrects memory loss due to poor blood flow. It is considered a good blood thinner.
Agree with Dr Sachin Keshari sir.....constitutional remedy required......and we may start treatment with Homeopathic therapeutic medicine Caust. 200
Doc age is the most important factor for recovery I think physiotherapy is the only hope but I suggest trying - CURARE - CM singal does.
Lach 0/1 qds in half cup of water
Constitutional remedy is required
Lachesis 200

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