Urdhvagata Rakta Pitta

26/y/o with on-off bleeding from nose, specially after going out in sun It gets better by applying cold water on head & using ice pack around nose. No relevant family history No H/O any systemic diseases Prakriti pitta pradhana kapha Agni visham bala Mala sama Jihva nirama



Dx Epistaxis if happening by sun exposure can be due to dryness of nasal mucosa. Also monitor blood pressure of the patient as in some cases of hypertension Epistaxis has been correlated. Cold causes vasoconstriction and therefore the relief.
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Too much heat in body,cool foods,get her married, needs counselling calmness symphony music lime juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet beetroot coriander juice
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Avoid Sunlight Shubhra Vari drops in Nose when bleeding. Bolbaddha Rasa Shubhra Bhasma Nagakeshar churna Gaughrit Nasya.
Gulkand (Mukta Yukta) Chandanasava Nasya with Sheetala Jala And Must avoid Pitta Vardhak Ahar Vihar
Dx Epistsxis. Rx Millefolium.
फेरम-आयोड 3 मिलिफोलियम 3
Dx Epistaxis Rx Syp Coolmelon 1 BD Tab Chandanadi vati 1 BD Go ghrita application in nostrils with fingers or as Pratisarana Nasya. Trina-grass juice +Go ghritam cooked ghee as nasal drops. Chatra dharana and wearing a Mask Seetkari and Bhramari Pranayam Avoiding sudden fluctuations in the temperatures eg:going into sunlight after sitting in AC.
Symptoms of heat stroke Avoid ushn Prakrati bhojya pararth Lemon juice three times a day with addition of pudina,mishri & black Salt. 1 TSP sauf + 10 Kali draksh soak in water overnight in morning chew it well & Drink used water empty stomach
Give medicine based on presenting totality, also ask to Avoid direct sunlight, heavy exercises, n ask to regular monitoring the BP,
Rx 1. Go ghrit application 2. Usheera asava 3. Pushyanug Churna 4. Styplon Tab.
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