Niruha or Asthapan Basti

Main Procedure Instruments Enema pot, simple rubber catheter no.12, gloves Preparation of patient Oleation and fomentation (at least of lumbar and lower abdomen) should be done. Patient should be with empty stomach. Preparation of basti dravyas First mix honey and saindhav homogenously. Add oil and again mix drug homogenously. Now add the kalka i.e. paste of drug and make the mixture homogenous After kalka gomutra (if indicated) should be added and at the last warm decoction should be added. Final prepared basti dravya should be homogenous and warm (around 40 to 45° C). Once the mixture is prepared it cannot be heated. 5.2 Administration of basti Give left lateral position to the patient. Basti dravyas are filled in the Enema pot. Air should be removed through tube and catheter. Lubricate the catheter with oil and insert in the anus slowly and allow the basti dravya to pass through the anus without the disturbance. After basti karma, tell the patient for excretion if it demands. After that the time taken for expulsion of medicinal decoction is called ‘Basti pratyagam kal’. Wait and watch for basti pratyagam kal. It should be of 48 minutes. If Niruha Basti remains in the body for longer time, it causes pain and adverse effects. In such situation, following measures can be used: Use of stronger decoction for Basti Purgation Fomentation If the basti pratyagam kal is very short, then the desired effect cannot be achieved. In that case, go for Niruh Basti again. If it also fails then go for Niruh basti on the next day after Anuvasana or Matrabasti. 5.3 Age Specific Niruha Basti Dose (Charak Samhita Siddhi sthana 3/31 & 32) 1 - 10 years = 40 ml- 50 ml 10 - 15 years= 200 ml 300 ml 15 - 18 years= 300 ml 600 ml 18 - 70 years = 400 - 500 ml to 1000 ml Over 70 years = 400 ml 800 ml In practice usually Up to 800 ml quantity is commonly used in adult. Benefits of Niruha Basti Prevents aging of the body Promotes happiness, longevity, strength, agni, intellect, voice and complexion Brings balance to the metabolism (cleanses dhatus) It helps in curing all disease It promotes a robust body It enriches semen and ovum Cleans ama from the channels of the body @#cap Admin Ayurveda


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