What kind of appearance is this?




"Snail track like ulcer" in syphilis @Dr. Harish Modi @Dr. Iqbal Sayyed @Dr. Siddharth Rawat @Hiral Maliwad @Hemant Mitra @Roopa Janagouda @Poonam Korde @Rajesh Gupta @Sachin Keshari
Thanks for the information....
Moniliasis a fungal infection in a low defence mechanism like HIV INFECTION
Yes sir.seems to be near facts as per your opn.
Digestive function is spoiled due to excessive intake of oil, spices, ghee, chillies, meat and more acidic juices in food. When digestion is impaired, constipation and gas are formed in the stomach due to not digesting food properly. Due to which the stomach heat, many types of blisters, rash and sores start in the mouth, tongue, throat and lips.
Fungal infection Secondary to Oral thrush or ulcers Turmeric powder + Alovera Gel TDS for LA 100 ml Water + Ginger + Desi Jaggery boil at slow gas for 10 min than let it be leukwarm add half lemon and take sip by sip two times a day
Fungal infection may be
Dx Fungal infection ???
Looks like Oral thrush
Thank you.. rare case
Fungal infections
Merc sol 200
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