Stess ,depression & Frustration

reading many cases of frustration & stress due to quarantine what should we say to such patients? suggest please.


Just convert theire mind in other things.... Like meditation.... Playing some online gamess.. Listening song... Seing good movie.. And away from news..... Chanal upto querentine.... Day
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Meditation is best&they can practice pranayama & can even listen to the pleasing music ......sure these gives them atleast a sort of relaxation rather if not completely....
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Self motivation is very important ,you can counsel patients by asking them to engage in hobbies and other work which they wish to do wen they were working
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10 mint Meditation Yoga (Spcly surya namaskar) Pranayam (Anulom vilom & kapal bhanti) Bach flower remedies (mimulus & rock rose)
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Self motivation Meditation YOGA Awareness
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