Reduced vision in the left eye

A 38 y/o male came with reduced vision in the left eye 5 days after having received intraoral local anesthesia for treatment of dental caries at the upper left maxillary canine. Shortly after the injection, the patient had a headache followed by a slight decrease in visual acuity, which gradually worsened after the procedure. The patient reported occasional flashing stars in the left visual field. The patient also had no significant medical history and no history of surgery or trauma. best corrected visual acuity 5 days after the dental treatment was 20/25 OS and 20/20 OD. The intraocular pressure on tonometry was 11 mm Hg in both eyes. What has happened here? can you describe it?


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cilioretinal artery occlusion with optic disc swelling. intravascular injection may be the cause.
Cotton Wool spot as there is no other symptom examine for FBS and hypertension,does not seem to be Intra vascular injection
Cilioretinal artery occlusion
Optic neuritis

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